Team DisKinect during final install

Team DisKinect

People who present their identity on digital platforms try to control something that takes on a life of its own. Interactions are logged and information is owed by third party intermediaries. User generated information exist independently from the user. We symbolize these opposing forces with the DisKinect project. Users make movements in front of a hacked Kinect controller that translates human movements into the motions of a real life puppet. Participants learn the rules of a complex system, and begin to understand how their actions are refracted through technology. They are encouraged to navigate these physical, digital and analogue transitions through play.

During the interaction, a computer saves still images and other user data. This generates time lapse video of each individual user for the duration of the show. In a digital economy, we pay for an experience with our information.

DisKinect Team

James Donovan – Interactive Artist, Technician

Mario Gonzalez – Kinect & C++ Developer

Richard Mai – Puppet Mechanics, Technician

Ahmad Saeed – Producer, Electronics, Arduino Developer

Guojian Wu – Kinect & C++ Developer

This project uses Kinect, NITE, OpenNI, Cinder, Arduino and a puppet.

Special thanks to The Creators Project and Eyebeam Art+Technology Center.

The DisKinect Team (some members not pictured) working on the project

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